Belt Buckle Workshop


Back in 2024

Craft and cast a one of a kind belt buckle out of silver or bronze. Join artist and jeweller Maca over four evenings at our CBD workshop and learn jewellery making techniques that will equip you with the skills to shape wax, metal and leather – resulting in a bespoke belt & buckle. Materials, tools and post-session beer or AF Drink included.

Session One (Thursday 2nd November, 6-9pm): Introduction to wax modelling, buckle design session, beginning of wax works.

Session Two (Friday 3rd November, 6-9pm): Continuation of wax design, attaching screws, finishing wax design, send off to Regal Castings for casting.

Two weeks later…

Session Three (Thursday 23rd November, 6-9pm): Cleaning up bronze or silver casting, filing, sanding, polishing.

Session Four (Friday 24th November, 6-9pm): Final touches to buckle, attaching leather belt to the buckle.

Note: Sterling Silver will incur additional costs as the price fluctuates daily. You will be quoted a price before making your final decision.


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