Slow Jam Nights


Back in 2024

When it comes to balance, nature is our greatest teacher and while winter brings us darker days and colder nights, it also brings an opposing force of freshness. It’s peak citrus season here in Aotearoa – and what better way to put all that gorgeous fruit to use than with an evening of marmalade and mulled wine tasting and making.

Produced using 100% locally-grown fruit, you’ll go home with your own jar of Grapefruit, Lime and Chilli Marmalade and the knowledge to share and make more. While summer brought us Mojitos and Marmalade, this time around you’ll be sipping on hot and spicy Mulled Wine. Slow down and embrace the rhythms of nature with Slow Jam, meet like-minded folk and learn the art and craft behind mulled wine and marmalade making.


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