Everything In-Between


Friday 7th – Friday 14th October: 12pm-5pm

Everything In-Between is a collaborative exhibition of local, emerging artists.

Reflective of the melting pot which is Auckland, each individual’s work is a unique node of understanding. You can expect works in a variety of mediums, including but not limited to: Virtual and augmented reality, installation art, paintings and sculpture.

Like our culture which celebrates individuality, but also values the inclusivity of community; Everything In-Between acknowledges the value of the individual perspective within the collective, while reflecting on the experiences which we share together as a society.

The exhibition is curated by Bijoux Nortje and Toni McKeon and features the work of the following artists:

  • Anna Bensky
  • Carley James
  • Chloe Mao
  • Chrissie Calvert
  • Elvis Park
  • Esther Stone
  • Fern Awia
  • Gab De La Haye
  • Mattie MacNeil
  • Monique Adams
  • Toni McKeon