Bike Night – Scooter Workshop


6pm-9pm – 27th July

Tuesday nights were always bike nights, but we’ve been letting things slip. Including our clutches and drive belts. Tuesday 27th July is Scooter service night with Cam from a local scooter shop. He’ll show us how to service a 4 stroke 150 Vespa. (Belt change, replace the variator rollers, clean the clutch and fit a new oil filter and plug).

He’ll be on hand to answer any scooter related questions. So far we have the ET4 Vespa, a sickly PX200, a 1960 50 Special in need of an oil change and a the Dick Frizzell special with a flat battery. 6pm-9pm on the 27th July. $25 with a Monteith’s or two. Limited to 12 people.


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