About Us

The Tuesday Club was founded on a simple realisation: It’s near impossible to find the time do the things you love that aren’t an essential part of family or working life. The cool shit.

Tuesday nights became the night and 42 Airedale Street became the place. A place to house all the friends and colleagues who over the years wanted somewhere to get shit done.

Three floors of raw potential: A fully kitted workshop on the ground floor to make stuff. A gallery space on the middle floor to show stuff. And offices and shared work space on the top floor for business stuff.

There are a bunch of us; motorcycle racers and builders, film-makers, editors, rum runners, photographers, cinematographers, event organisers, flower sellers, project managers and solar power evangelists who believe they can change the world.

Tuesday nights remain sacred as the time to learn new shit, and to do the stuff you never get time to do in your day job.

We’ve learnt to weld, bend and fabricate. We’ve made work-benches, bike-stands, modified frames, made beds, furniture, routed and reamed.

Jewellery workshops are next, along with neon sign making, silk-screen printing, paint spraying, bike maintenance and servicing, a sand blaster and a lathe. If you are one of those people who likes to get shit done, but never has the time or the place to do it.

The Tuesday Club is for you.